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How do you move forward if you dont know where your heading?

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  • How do you move forward if you dont know where your heading?

    Hi Everyone,
    Due to the nature of the global climate, my organisation has formed with 3 other organisations in the bid to pull resources together. That's all well and fine, but my problem here is many folds

    I have very little experience managing large sets of resources and people.
    The work is undefined, I've been made 'core' of I.T but I haven't been told what that means
    Communication channels between me and management- especially operations chief is pretty much zero
    The company is in a position that we've never been before so we are on a steep learning curve with mistakes to be made
    Confidence is low cause I get nervous when I'm face to face or trying to coordinate because I usually deal with systems (inhuman)

    I guess my strengths or positives here are....

    I've been doing GTD solidly now for a year even though i've been reading the theory for over 3years.

    I've done the ITIL ver 2 course which is a project management style course for IT managers

    I've been with the company for 7yrs so I'm familar with staff and its workings

    I enjoy a challenge and never back out of one

    So my dilemma is that I'm confused. I dont know where to start, what the most effective route to take is, what information i need, what i need to be doing or not doing.

    Any ideas will be welcome!


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    If you don't know where you're going, your first task is to find out.

    What are the goals of your new organization? Both at the big picture corporate level and at the level of your department?

    How does your skill set match those goals? How do your interests match those goals? What do you need to do or learn to improve the match?

    If you can't answer those questions now, what information do you need, and who has it?

    Sit down with a big sheet of paper and start brainstorming.

    Be warned, though. A similar situation led to my decision to work for myself. Sometimes the answer is "A is what the company needs, but I'd rather drive bamboo slivers under my fingernails than spend my life doing A."



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      This doesn't sound to me like a problem GTD will really help solve, at least not directly. It seems to me that developing some management skills is what you're looking for (whether you're officially a manager or not). is a great podcast/website/forum for helping develop those skills. (I've got no affiliation other than as a satisfied listener.)


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        Thanks Katherine, many of your ideas are good starting grounds to explore...saves me re-inventing the wheel so to speak. Dennis I felt i needed a framework to work off. Katherine's got some good ideas, and thanks for the link. Regarding relevance to gtd, making it all work places a lot of emphasis on perspective and setting visions and purpose etc