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Using GTD in a student context - copyright issues?

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  • Using GTD in a student context - copyright issues?

    Hi all - hope someone can help me with this: I've just become a lecturer at University, and some of my duties involve helping students with study skills. I'm thinking of introducing some GTD ideas into this, but I was wondering to what extent the process or ideas are copyrighted, and if I distributed the ideas without some kind of legal permission, whether I'd get in trouble?

    I wouldn't be exhibiting them as my ideas, and would put all the info about GTD and David Allen on any material I gave out, but still - I'm concerned!

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    Hello El_Stiff--

    First, thank you for being so conscientious to ask! We really appreciate that. We would love to find ways for you to share your experience with the GTD content. Please write to and she can share the best ways to work with our trademarks and such.



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      Also interested

      Hi Kelly, El_Stiff.

      I have also been thinking a lot about doing this, just for a different audience (doing free seminars for unemployed in my city, using GTD as one of the tools to get back on track if needed). So, I'm hoping you, El_Stiff, can post back with your information.

      I assume what is available on e.g. is OK to use/refer to?

      I can certainly also contact the e-mail address given by you, Kelly, if individual permission is needed - just wanted to minimize the workload for Anne.

      Best regards,

      P.S. I, of course, would also (like El_Stiff) give all credit to DA and refer to his great books.


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        WOW, what great ideas!!

        I certainly wish something like this was available when I was studying at the University!

        I hope you guys manage to work something out... After all, those students and unemployed can become dedicated fans and customers (or 'walking commercials/success stories') of GTD later on!


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          I just chatted with Anne about this and she said the best way to support you (and anyone asking about how to share GTD) is to email her. She handles each inquiry on a case-by-case basis. No worries on inundating her. Please just write to her with specific details about what you have in mind and she'll dialogue with you about the best ways to share GTD given our trademarks and such.



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            I've been in touch with Anne, and she's been very helpful in letting me know about the correct way to share GTD like this - very prompt in replying and friendly

            She's requested that I don't go into detail about the ins and outs of it as it's better for her to deal with it on a case-by-case - I may inadvertently give out incorrect information. So I'll respect that and won't elaborate - if you do want to do some public GTD-ing, I highly recommend you mail her!