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    Can you guys/gals share with some sample lists such as the Next Action List, Waiting For List, Someday/Maybe List, etc.

    Thank you

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    My lists as they're now:

    - Write an email to my friends re: financ. director position
    - Check what instruments I need to fix the byke
    - Andre 23-09 info on payment schedule
    - Irina 26-09 info on decision maker in X company
    - Nick 24-09 help on X project
    - Call Nick re: help on X project
    - Find Alex phone on internet
    - Call Andre re: payment schedule
    - Call Nick re: discount level

    I also have:

    Projects (3)
    Projects-Delegated (8 direct reports)
    Someday/Maybe (55)


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      Originally posted by OOzypal View Post
      Can you guys/gals share with some sample lists such as the Next Action List, Waiting For List, Someday/Maybe List, etc.
      Action Lists by Context a small sample of typical items
      Inside by Myself
      Water ficus tree
      Spin sample Moy gown yarn singles
      Spend 1 hour reading knitting design books re top down cardigan design
      read chapter 5 of GTD for bookclub
      Spin black yarn 2 ply for shooting socks
      Crop 1 months 2008 sheep pictures
      Shred 2 inches of scanned files
      Computer Windows
      Print sheep assoc. mailing labels for newsletter
      Process flock registrations for lost Canadian sheep
      Outside by Myself
      Remove all jug panels from upper sheep sweep and bring to hay barn for winter
      Make new sheep mineral 1st cutting hay recipe
      Move Bunny & Clover to west pen with alfalfa pellets
      Trim bushes in driveway elk fence
      Pick up suit & comforter from cleaners
      Buy angel food pan at Hays
      Outside with Help
      Disconnect pear orchard pasture gated pipes and store for winter
      Clean chicken condos
      Vaccinate late lambs 2nd shot L armpit Covexin 8
      Deworm horses ivermectin drench

      Waiting Fors
      DMEA Solar rebate application forms
      Rur Dev solar grant applications open
      New mineral recipe from BK
      Chain Mail fabric for sheep armor proof of concept

      Someday/Maybe just a sampling of what's there I have several hundred items on my S/M list.
      Replace Top pear orchard fence
      New up/down divider fence
      French drain in Pear orchard
      New skirting table
      Fix feeders to prevent ear tag rips
      Update ravelry project list and stash
      Scan old ditch co records
      Do NaNoWriMo
      Make Lucet cord for helmet hats
      KNit Badgerface Cardigan
      KNit DNA cable for knitted quilt binding
      Weave Silk/cotton shirt fabric
      Applique chicken quilt blocks
      Wales 2008 Scrapbooks
      Make an illuminated book of hours of our farm life
      Clean up iCal database
      Organize computer files into A-Z
      Handles on Loom Room cabinets


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        @Waiting for

        Did XX register for course? 10/3/09
        Ask XX schedule SF meeting? 9/2
        Did XX complete carpet project 9/13
        Did XX get facility signage completed?
        EM XX re meeting to plan his event 9/22
        Did Hyundai call re recall work on Sonata 9/1
        JH borrowed XX book 9/30


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          -blog about finance article (repeating daily)
          -do daily stock research (repeating daily)
          -add shipping trusts and REIT to website devidend stock tracker
          -blog about organizing (repeating daily)
          -do arms and shoulder workout (repeating weekly)
          -do weekly stocks evaluation (repeating weekly)
          -record XX stock loss
          -do 20 chin ups (repeating weekly)


          -Show colleague A and B what you have learnt from the training session
          -call colleague C to find out why documents weren't complete (@contact as well)
          -to raise request to manager to procure and requisite equipment
          -review test plan that colleague D reported
          -collect 22bucks from colleague E (@waiting for as well)


          -buy vaseline
          -purchase table top and legs


          -read blue ocean strategy

          @to contact
          -call colleague C to find out why documents weren't complete (@office as well)
          -link up with colleague G to review issues (@ office as well)

          @waiting for
          -to get back phe documentation from manager B
          -collect 22bucks from colleague E (@office for as well)

          6 big projects list with many smaller subprojects

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