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Paper: same system, different parts...

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  • Paper: same system, different parts...

    I have been recently thinking about my paper ased GTD system and would like to run the ideas by the group and get some opinions and best practices that have given success stories. I currently use a small paper based planner (6-hole) 3 3/4" by 6" or so... Just lined paper and 3M removable tabs.

    This planner is great because the size allows me to keep the lists close and to have in my situations. My problem is that I prefer larger paper sizes for project planning. Since I have been in an MBA program I have used a 3-ring binder, and I am playing around wiht the idea of having Someday/Maybe and some project planning in the larger binder. Essentially, lists that I feel comfortable not having at hand. Different satellite parts of my paper system.

    Does anyone else do something like this? Any best practices? Stories to share?

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    I'm still trying to figure this out myself..

    I have a 2-ring binder, and only a few lists of someday/maybe there (eg books to read/buy etc), other stuff is in filing cabinet.
    I had some project support there too, it got overwhelming so I mostly put it away. Only keep some stuff in separate non-attached folders, maybe attached folders would be better though (falling out ).

    Basically I treat my organizer as an inbox too, and if I do some project planning, I often keep it separate and later put that into appropriate folder. (Might also have a special 'inbox' or 'project planning' tab and put into inbox and process later-?)

    Not sure if any of this makes sense?

    I'm still tweaking the system so not sure if any of this will work, will probably know more in a few weeks.. Do tell how it goes for you!


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      I have a mostly paper-based system, which works well for me.

      I have a clipboard with three pieces of paper on it: Next Actions @Home (on top), Projects, and Waiting For. I have three more lists, Next Actions @Laptop, Waiting For, and Someday/Maybe, which I keep as digital text files on my laptop, but could just as easily be paper.

      My Ubiquitous Capture Tool is a deck of 3x5" index cards that I keep in a pocket, along with a nice pen. (I used to use an artist's pencil, but they break too easily when I sit down, and they need to be sharpened.)

      I also have a paper inbox and a paper tickler using the standard 43 folders.

      Does that help?