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How do you copy a project with tasks and subtasks?

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  • How do you copy a project with tasks and subtasks?

    How do you copy a project with tasks and subtasks?

    I what to take a project like:
    Project - Write a Book on Cooking
    Task - Write book
    Task - Edit book
    Task - Publish book

    And be able to copy the project and all it's task to be:
    Project - Write a book on Sewing
    Project - Write a book on Swimnimg
    Project - Write a book on Boating

    Is there a way to do this?

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    Originally posted by carlostillman View Post
    How do you copy a project with tasks and subtasks?
    What tool are you using?

    On paper I'd just write a new set, in my tool of choice Omnifocus, I just enter in command D to duplicate and edit the title. What's hard about what you are using?


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      Using Getting Things Done

      Using Getting Things Done


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        I think what Oogiem means is what medium/tools you are using for Getting Things Done.

        Are they:
        - paper and pen?
        - laptop/computer with windows?microsoft office?
        - laptop/computer with mac os?omnifocus?
        - PDA/smartphone with list program?
        - voice recorder?
        - hipster PDA? index cards?
        - whiteboard with wet marker?
        - video recorder?
        - you write on your skin? your shirt? your napkin?
        - your girl/boy friends?
        - .......etc


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          Using Outlook and iPhone

          Using Outlook and iPhone


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            It's been a long time since I used Outlook, but I seem to remember it had a "Duplicate" command. If I'm not just making that up, that's what I'd use.



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              yup Katherine, we can copy and paste in outlook.

              but i find that outlook task lacks complex detail planning. alot of task will make the view look clutter and hard to see. i dont like to use too much category either. because it will also clutter the category view.

              so, in the end, i use it as my all day task (for hard landscape actions). it works ok as it will appear on my calendar on given date and i can check it off when it is done.

              then again, i find that keying in the next action itself into the calender actually works better. although i cant check it off as done. i can only erase it (which i rarely do).

              currently trying out mylifeorganized, today is the 2nd day i am trying. so far works ok. i still have 43 days to try it out before putting my money on their table.
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                It could just be your example, and you could just be simplifying it, but what you have there are higher level items than projects.

                I'm not an author, but "Achieve sales of at least X copies of my new book on sewing" is to me a goal. The projects would be lower level. I'm guessing the projects would be things like "Complete and sign-off skeleton plan with my editor", "Complete cover design", "Complete research on the history of the needle" and "Plan book signing tour with publisher". There would be plenty more. Each of those will have a next action and I'm guessing a project plan. My instinct would be to use a mind map for all the plans.

                For Goals / projects of this scale, most of the "detail" you say is missing from Outlook should be kept in project support materials - i.e. not in Outlook.


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                  Originally posted by carlostillman View Post
                  Using Getting Things Done
                  GTD is a methodology and a process not a tool. The tool is something like the actual things you use to keep your lists. For me it's calendar in iCal, lists in Omnifocus, paper folders and electronic folders all on my mac.