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Clarity on categories of action reminders

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  • Clarity on categories of action reminders

    I just finished GTD (Wonderful! Wish I'd read it ages ago) and I'd like some clairification on categories please. Half my life is reality based, the other half web based. I spend a tremendous amount of time living in Outlook and on the computer in general. Since the Outlook Add In isn't ready for OL2003 yet, I need to make my own folders there, per DA. To make sure I've interpreted this correctly, will my categories look roughly like this?:

    ...My lists to capture the plethora of paper, notes and "stuff"

    ~Websites (things that need to be done at the websites I own/run)
    ~Waiting For

    ...then in Outlook, folders for:....

    @Waiting For

    So, when I'm deciding what my NA should be I look at a contextually appropriate catagory (my "Home" list when I'm at home) and when I sit down to work at the computer then I hit the "@ Action" Outlook folder and see what needs to be done there before moving on to the broader "~Computer" or "~Websites" list? Is that about right?


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    I would suggest some additional folders for email use:

    @Read/Review (Generally no action other to to read it)
    @Someday/Maybe (anything that you want to handle sometime in the future)

    I also file all my email for traceability and future reference. Consequently, I have a number of folders/subfolders for storing emails after the actions are completed. Some suggestions here would be:

    Active Projects
    Completed Projects
    Corporate Notices
    General Reference
    Weekly Reports

    This would work for almost any email system (my company happens to use Lotus Notes). For my GtD system, I also use a Palm PDA/ Palm Desktop. The only negative to this setup is transferring calendar items and NA/Projects from email to the Palm as needed.


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      Thanks for getting back to me. You made some great points and I'm going to set up my OL just like you recommend and see how it goes.