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  • GTD and Sales

    Wondering if anyone in sales uses Outlook with GTD? I need to track conversations, meetings etc. with everyone I meet or talk with. I have been a long ACT user, but it's email stinks and it is starting to kill my productivity. I have been testing the waters of GTD and Outlook. I would like to hear from Salespeople who are using this comination and how has it worked for you.



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    I am a sales manager. I have found GTD, and in particular, the Outlook plugin, really helpful in staying on top of things. I have set up my @ folders so they are unique to my requirements - I don't use @computer, @phone, and things like that.

    However, we also use a CRM program (customer relationship management) at my company. I make sure I log all correspondance with customers and prospects in this database. I manage my tasks and projects using GTD. However, because we have so many sales leads and opportunities to track, I don't make each of them a GTD project, even though they really are - that is what CRM is for.

    If you do not need to use a centralized database in your sales, then I would highly recommend that you look at a free account with You can sync everything up with Outlook, and it will blow ACT away. Some features may not be available in their free version, but if I didn't have to use a centralized database, I'd even pay for a single account with Salesforce.

    Good luck!


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      I dont think GTD is ever the sole sales management tool. I'd have 1000 someday/maybe's !!!

      Question is what makes it to your context and project lists. In my case its the active accounts that will bring the biggest payoff.

      I think its a great practice to take all of your clients and consider where you stand with each and what it will take to move things forward. This can be a good staging tool or trigger list to decide when to move something into your active GTD system.

      I've just incorporated this (well, to be honest I am still incorporating it) and I think it is a good tool for GTD/Sales types.

      I find we salespeople can spend way too much time getting ready to sell. GTD can be another excuse for doing that if you let it.