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How much more efficient are you on GTD?

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  • How much more efficient are you on GTD?

    Me....I'm about 400% more efficient on GTD. I'm a special education teacher, and I used to have to look for one piece of paper for 2-3 days sometimes. Now....I rarely lose papers...I can find most within 5 seconds.

    Also, my desk is way less cluttered. I'm now known as the "clean desk guy" at work, and people marvel at "all of the work that I get done".

    I am way less stressed because I rarely lose things, and I capture everything in my Olympus Digital Voice Recorder. It gets real full sometimes, but I do get it all!

    How much more efficient are you on GTD?


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    TurboDymoMan shamed John Smith!

    John Smith was 100% more efficient using GTD but TurboDymoMan shamed John Smith because he was 150% more efficient using GTD

    (TurboDymoMan is a Polish superhero created for one of the cell phone networks ad campaign. He shames everybody by doing everything 50% better. For example "LeBron James made 3-point shot. TurboDymoMan shamed LeBron because he made 4.5-point shot).


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      I've only added about 25-35% efficiency, but with just 10% of the stress I had pre-GTD!


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        GTD has turned me from one of the least organized guys in my company to one of the most.

        For about a year after starting GTD my efficiency gains were modest, since I spent a lot of time trying out different systems and introducing complexity where it wasn't needed.

        But after almost two years I've got my system in place and streamlined, and I feel I'm 100% more in control.

        I'm now working on the perspective side - I've improved about 20% there but still needs work. I'm re-reading Making It All Work - which to me is a very inspiring look at the perspective side of GTD and how to put it to work in your every day.