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Useful list idea to potentially save you money

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  • Useful list idea to potentially save you money

    I have a list called Magazine Subscriptions. In this list I keep the name of the magazine and when it expires. I know this sounds simple, but those crafty magazine publishers usually send you a renewal form WAY before you are bound to expire (sometimes even a year). This way you will always know when you need to renew and save some cash.

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    yup, i keep the price i paid last time for the subscription in the list as well as the expiration date

    so that when they do give me a renewal notice (often a year before expiration date) and they've doubled the price, i can call them on it.
    has worked every time -- conversation goes
    "last time i renewed , the price was 14.95 -- why do you want 34.95 now -- while i might not get the 14.95 price, i've never had to pay their max price -- usually 16.95 or something like that.

    do the same thing with credit cards -- encrypted list with percent i'm paying so know how to respond with ccard company calls with "great" rate, i have easy reference as to how much i'm already paying.


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      I really like your idea about having the encrypted CC numbers -- as I have been implementing GTD I would have really wanted to have a reference list on my palm with SS#s, CC#s etc for me and my kids -- it would really save time in filling out various forms. However, I am very hesitant to put such information on a mobile device that I might lose -- what do you do to safeguard the information?



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        Hi Meg,

        I use Splash ID from Splash Data (

        It has a Plan and desktop section that hotsync. The data is encrypted with a secure formula (I think it is Blowfish) and so even if the Palm is lost the data is safe unless you are careless with the password or someone has access to a supercomputer.

        I use the program to track all sorts of confidential information, including passwords, credit cards, web log ins, etc.



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          Talk about an AHA moment! I just got a notice in the mail for one of my subscriptions and was pondering a tracking system. This one is so simple it's beautiful. Thanks for the tip!


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            Scot --

            Cool! Thanks for the suggestion -- I just started a demo of SplashPhoto and love it for being able to have pictures on my palm.



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              I think he means splash ID not splash photo

              I use two apps

              1. I use memoplus which allows for encrypted memos that are very secure compared with built in palm security which you should not trust for real security

              2. i use hanDbase and created a small database for subs and ccards with detail -- also have a database of personal reference info -- passport numbers, mortgage information, etc.

              what i found i liked about handbase rather than the ready made apps like splash ID, TEALSAFE or others is that i can customize it to what i need rather than using someoneelses view

              the cool thing in handbase is that you can put all the info in one table

              so one master database called sensitive stuff and you can create views that have only the relevant columns showing for you

              so you could put credit card numbers, frequent flyer numbers, login ids to websites, registration ids for your software all in one big table and then depending on the "view" you create (magazines, identification, ccards) you can show just the columns you want to see so that you don't have to have separate databases for each "type" of item you want to keep secure.

              I use memplus for more unstructured stuff than a database -- guess i could create an app for this as well but for now i use memoplus for encrypting our 19mo daughters vaccination and medical record schedule so i have it handy for the doctors well baby visit for example or a letter i'm writring to my wife -- stuff like that -- but am moving more and more reference material to customized handbase application -- with a dynamite desktop i found it superior because of customization and ease of use to dedicated single use apps like splash ID.

              handbase also has high level encryption