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Ready for Anything Volume II

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  • Ready for Anything Volume II

    This is a question for someone at DavidCo.

    I love Ready for Anything. The essays are thoughtful and inspiring, and I'm wondering if there are any plans (even if it's just on a someday/maybe list) for David to do a follow-up book with the essays written since the publication of RFA?
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    Ready for Anything II?

    It might happen; but not in the foreseeable future. Someday/maybe, in other words. There's certainly a lot of raw material in terms of my thinking and writing since the first one; just some bigger fish for me to fry right now for the next while. Thanks for the encouragement, though!



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      I second the request for RFA II. It is a wonderful collection of bits that provide good insight to the process and a volume I go back to frequently.

      The audio version is especially great to listen to while working out or walking/jogging.