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    Hey guys for the last two weeks or so I’ve been digging really deep to find a great GTD tool, anyway I came across one about 7 days ago that caught my attention, I put it on hold while searching out others. I went back to this tool 3 days ago and it was “down” changing something on the site or something, anyway I checked back today and it was back on. The tool is called “Foresight” I’m sure some of you are aware of it, but since it went down and re-opened the tool is now totally free.

    Check this link

    I installed it today. I really like it. It beats all but one GTD tool I’ve come across. Anyway I thought I’d share the news and the tool with you.

    But geez. I’m struggling to pick a tool to master. I’ve knuckled it right down to Foresight and GTD Agenda.

    Bitch of a choice

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    Thanks for the information

    I found one problem with this tool . In the main window we can't see the task which are not related to a projects