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ADD - Slightly off topic

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  • ADD - Slightly off topic

    There were some discussions on this forum on ADD and how this is hinders "getting things done".

    Anyone knows some good resources on this subject (and more important how to deal with it ?)

    While there is tons of information on the web, I am looking for something that I can quickly peruse before my mind starts wandering

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    Did You check out the article by Meg (I think) under the Coaches Corner section?



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      I read the book _Driven to Distraction_, which I would recommend.


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        RE: ADD

        This is just my opinion but it is informed by a lot of experience in this realm. It is really important to determine under what circumstances the attention is deficient and to what kinds of things (activity and sensory modality). And, similarly, under what circumstances is attention optimal and to what. I have not seen this in any of the literature I read but is a really important starting point for analyzing the problem nd generating a solution. A lot of the literature is geared toward getting people to take medication of some type. While some individuals really need medication(s) to function at all, almost everybody has improved performance on a tailored dose of stimulant medications, if the side effects are tolerable. So response to medication is not necessarily diagnostic.


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          Hi Deepak,

          ADD is more than just an attention deficit or difference; the part of the brain that organizes, plans, and controls impulse is underactive in a person with classic ADD. Not "getting things done" is something we're really good at.

          There are tons of resources available on the web.

 is one that's fairly comprehensive, and completely run by folks with ADD.

          GTD looks like it could be extremely helpful, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around it, especially the future-oriented aspects. It's a foreign land to me.