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Need help with note taking paper search.

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  • Need help with note taking paper search.

    I am looking for a 2 column lined paper to utilize the business meeting note taking practices described below. That is either hole punched or has enough room to hole punch without compromising the columns I am looking for. It is similar to cornell note taking but with a narrow left hand column, a med size right hand column and a larger column in the center.

    I was initially thinking of getting the levengers cornell note taking like paper but then I read some very old posts here and also ran into a mighty note link.

    Below is the old conversation two posters were having , the levenger cornell like paper link and the mighty note link. Sorry for the excessive information but I thought if you understood how it would be used it would give you a better sense of why I am looking for this.

    Oh I have considered that holding the paper landscape may allow for a larger note taking area. But I'm not sure if one of the people I am trying to get this for could adapt to taking notes in a landscape format.

    One other concern is will there be enough space in the center column for notes

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hope this levenger link works. For some reason levenger links often don't work.


    "Small margin over left hand side. Big margin over right hand side. Lots of space in the middle.
    I make notes as I go from top to bottom in the middle. I annotate the notes with indicators for Actions/Decisions.
    In the right hand margin I write questions as they occur to me. This is so that I can refer back to them during the meeting at appropriate times - without having to interrupt whoever might be speaking just so that I don't forget something."

    "So far, the best approach I've found is dividing the page into a slim left colum, a wide center column, and a medium right column (similar to a web page layout). I take notes in the center with actions or key words in the left colum, and questions, follow-ups, or links in the right column. If the meeting or event requires a summary, I draw a fourth line from left to right across the bottom and write it there. Using different color pens also helps to visually orient me to these elements. Finally, I'm trying to discipline myself to review the notes immediately after the event and deciding on next actions, if I've inherited any. Everything else in the notes is either dump, delegate, defer, or file in reference."
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    Cheap solution

    Suggestion: a hole-punched letter-size legal pad (or hole-punched ruled paper of good quality), a ruler, and a pen. It will take a mere couple of seconds to apply the rules to each sheet, with the added benefit that you can fine-tune the rules and spaces after a little real-life experimentation.


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      Thanks for your response. The ruler and pen is fine for me but this is for hubby at work. He has many, many meetings a day and would prefer something printed.


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        I make what I want in Excel. If he needs it in a pad, you could still develop the form, tweak it, then at some point get it made into pads. Some people here have talked about ways to bind pads. But if he's using this for work and wants/needs it to look 'just so', I bet you could make a template and have Staples/Fedex-Kinkos/your local printing place do it and it wouldn't cost any more than something from Levenger. (If you can't find anywhere that specifically has what you want.)


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          I've thought of making it in excel but I have never made lined paper before. Can you make lined paper in excel?


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            Originally posted by MsB View Post
            I've thought of making it in excel but I have never made lined paper before. Can you make lined paper in excel?
            Sure. I use the borders for lines. I find that a solid line is too jarring and use the dotted lines for my lines to write on. I use solid lines to delineate different areas on a form (if necessary). I find a line height of about 19.00 is good for me. I tend to write big given more space. 19.00 is a tiny bit smaller than college ruled paper. If I want to write big on something, I make the rows about 24.00, which I'd guess is a little bigger than wide ruled paper.


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              Here's a sample file

              Perhaps this will be of use... it's a lined paper template done in excel.
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                Originally posted by websavant View Post
                Perhaps this will be of use... it's a lined paper template done in excel.

                Very cool! Thanks I'll show to hubby and see how it will work for him. how the heck did you do that? I wanna learn