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GTD for production managers

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  • GTD for production managers

    Hi all.
    I'm a production manager for a promotional product company and i want to implement GTD.
    I am slightly struggling with how to integrate the system with the volume of projects.

    I have currently 80 jobs in production which equates to 80 manilla folders in stand up files on my desk. Currently the stand up files are organised by sales person but a lot of actions related to the files are date specific.

    The typical job has the following tasks associated with it

    Art approval (gets delegated by me to design)
    unbranded stock order & followup
    branding order & samples or approvals followup
    Delivery to warehouse
    delivery to client

    Some jobs are delivered locally with a timeframe of 10 -31 days others are offshore with 3 month deliveries.

    I've been toying with arranging some kind of tickler style set up based on delivery to warehouse but if anyone has suggestions I'd be interested to hear them!