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Outlook Add-In Question

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  • Outlook Add-In Question

    I am in the process of reading the book, and since I spend all my time at my computer, I downloaded the trial of the Outlook Add-In and I have a question.

    Where I work we have strict size limitations on the size of our inbox. With the @Action, @Deferred, etc. folders located in the Inbox, I have concerns that I may have problems with my Inbox size limit. If those folders are moved to somewhere in the Personal Folders, will the Add-In still work? Has anyone run in to this problem with size limitations on the Inbox?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I sure hope someone answers, because I have the same question!



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      It's probably easier to use a PST-file as your inbox.

      In Outlook open the services dialog (Options->Services). Create a PST-file on your local disc by clicking on "Add.." and select a "Personal Folder". Then under the Delivery-tab select that PST file for delivery. Press OK

      New mail will now be delivered to your local drive instead of the exchange server and the only size limit you will have is the 2GB limit of a PST file.


      Since your data now is only on your local drive either get your IT provider to do backups of your data or make it a repeating reminder four yourself.



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        Our technical people used towarn us that Outlook had a problem with large .pst files. If the file was over 150mb, documents occasionally got lost. Does anyone know whether this is (a) true or (b) fixed?

        I really ought not to trust a system that could drop a key reminder at any moment. Though, strangely, I do.


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          Large .pst files

          I know people with 1 GB .pst files. It is true that everything is in one monolithic .pst file with Outlook. If the file gets corrupted, there are two possibilities: it can be fixed, or you need to revert to a backup. Larger files are more prone to corruption, because they are larger, but there is no hard and fast rule about files being too big.


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            I use the method of having all my mail delivered from my Exchange mailbox to a local .pst (yes, I do backup!). So, I work Getting Things Done addin from my local pst.

            The problem I have is that I can't share my calendar with my admin (since it's on my local system, not on Exchange). Does anyone know if there is a way to set up a synchronization process between my local calendar and my Exhchange mailbox calendar, so I have my calendar replicated in both locations, but continue to work exclusively in my .pst environment? Outlook 2000.