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Question about accessing articles from GTD Connect

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  • Question about accessing articles from GTD Connect

    If you’re a GTD Connect member, does the site force you to access them the same way it does for the free articles on the main site? On the main site, you have to “buy” each article one at a time, go through the whole checkout process, you can’t “buy” multiple articles, then you get 3 emails for each article you “buy”, it’s just a royal pain the butt and seriously one of the dumbest systems for accessing information I've ever seen. I genuinely appreciate they make this material available, and I realize they probably do it this way so they can know who’s accessing their information, but there are far easier ways to do that. Require someone to be logged in, for example, then you can track the downloads by user.

    If this same structure is used for accessing information on GTD Connect, then my decision about whether or not to try it is easily made. This alone would render it unacceptable for me.

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    I haven't bought articles in the way you describe however I suggest you take the 14 day trial to GTC Coonect and se how you go.


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      Originally posted by Conejo23 View Post
      you can’t “buy” multiple articles,
      On the free side, you can 'buy' one zip file with all the articles, if your system lets you. I just did it yesterday.


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        malisa......didn’t see that option, will look again, that would be a LOT less hassle, thanks.


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          Connect articles

          The articles on GTD Connect are a direct link, viewable as a PDF. Connect members do not need to go through the store process of "buying" the article. So yes, it is much easier on Connect.



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            excellent, thanks Kelly. This means I still have one more thing upon which to potentially spend my money.

            And Marisa, I found the zip file and was able to download it, so thank you again for that tip.