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Examples of Working models

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  • Examples of Working models

    I am looking for examples of the way people are currently using GTD, be it electronically or paper.
    I have read GTD and Ready for Anything, an am currently taking the Barnes&Noble class on GTD. Sometimes it helps me to see how other people are using it, so I could possible use it in my own system.
    I currently use a vanilla PDA system and do carry around a Franklin Covey planner.
    I am currently engaging in independent contract work, while looking at other avenues. So I would be interested in sales processes. Also, at home my wife(bless her heart) does have MS and has been rearing its ugly head, so I will address the home projects as much as I can.
    Thanks for your input and consideration as foresee my project list greatly increasing, I understand there might be other posts out there I can read and would do so greatly.

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    Palm version of working models

    For a Palm discussion of working models, you can look at :

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      Thank you Vincent, I am now a member


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        In a recent Productivity Principles article our fearless leader David Allen offered the following organizational questions. If you were to figure out a vehicle for each you would have a good start! I'll give you mine.

        - I don’t need or want it = trash

        I use a trash can!

        - I still need to decide what this means to me = IN basket item

        I have an envelope called "IN" I carry with me everywhere I go. Also I carry a notebook that serves as my post it note holder (I just use it instead of post-it notes)

        - I might need to know this information = reference

        Paper files from A to Z and also files on my hard drive called Reference that I have sorted by account names, reference type, etc.

        - I use it = equipment and supplies

        Pretty straight forward - what I use most is most accessible.

        - I like to see it = decoration

        Pretty sparse!-

        When I could possibly move on it, I want to see the action as an option = next action reminder, reviewed when and where it could be done

        In my Palm sync'd with Outlook as Todo's

        - I need to be reminded of this short-term outcome I’ve committed to = project list item, reviewed weekly

        Palm Pilot with a trigger list called Weekly Review that tells me what to look at or in to complete my weekly review. Its posted on this site - I've just personalized mine

        - I need to have this when I focus on a project = support material

        Paper files and files on my Laptop. Also under notes/memos in palm.

        - I might want to commit to this at any time in the future = Someday/maybe list item


        - I might want to commit to this on or after a specific time in the future = calendared or “tickled” item incubated for review on a specific future date
        - I want to achieve this “bigger” outcome = goals, objectives, visions that you review on some longer interval


        - It’s something someone else is doing that I care about = item on Waiting-For list, reviewed at least weekly


        - I need to consider it when I do certain recurring activities = item on a checklist

        In my palm are a number of checklists that are used to remind the stupid part of me that bounces mindlessly from one thing to the next.

        This should give you a pretty good start. You know, some people do extremely well with a paper system. Depends on your mode.

        Good luck and I hope you're better at this than I am!