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Have you seen the "NEW" newsletter format?

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  • Have you seen the "NEW" newsletter format?

    Here's a link to our new format for the monthly Productivity Principles:

    You can sign up (or pass this page along!) at:

    PS: We do have ENGLISH and SPANISH versions of the monthly newsletter.


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    New Newsletter format

    Looks very nice -- consistent with the new website, too.

    But I noticed that it required a click over to the website to read the full text of your article. That's fine as long as I'm @Computer - Web, but if I'm reading the newsletter offline, or if folks are posting it in elevators, we don't have the ability to read the rest of your article. Wouldn't it be better to include the full text in the e-mailed newsletter?

    Otherwise, good work. I know David was pretty excited last week about the new HTML version of the newsletter.

    Best regards,



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      Nice but...

      The new html-newsletter looks very nice, but unfortunately it isn't that practical. At least not for me. I often read the newsletter on the palm, and all the fancy html is lost on me.

      And on my main email-reader (Eudora) I get both the text and html-code, but unfortunately the two parts seem to be in another format than expected, so I can't pass the html-part on to the web browser to read the fancy version over there.

      So keep the message in "dual mode" (ie both plain text and html-code in message), or let the subscriber choose text or html version to subscribe to.



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        Nice but...

        I agree with the last post...I always download the newsletter to my Palm to read (and re-read). The HTLM caused me some grief getting it into the Palm and I might be inclined to quit downloading and maybe eventually reading the newsletter if it got to be too much of a hassle. At least give us a choice...


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          Thanks for your feedback...

          Just fyi, if you e-mail Jodi (, she'll send you a fresh "text-only" version of the newsletter.

          Until we get this situation "handled" we DO appreciate all of you hanging in there! We'll get it right, it's always that first push into "change" that seems to turn things over!

          I've heard from a few of you that you might stop reading the newsletter if this format continues. I hope we can right the situation; we'll do what we can!



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            Re: Thanks for your feedback...

            Originally posted by Jason Womack
            I've heard from a few of you that you might stop reading the newsletter if this format continues. I hope we can right the situation; we'll do what we can!
            I'm not going to stop reading the newsletter - I find the information too valuable and thought-stimulating to give up. And I certainly appreciate Davidco's desire to present yourself in the best light possible - the new format does look great and impressive. However, I also dislike HTML newsletters due to the difficulty in reading them when offline - I spend a lot of time on planes - and I always subscribe to text-only versions when given the choice. So I would put in another vote for choice!

            Thanks for being so responsive to input, and for continuously striving to improve!