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How do you link actions to Areas of Responsibilities

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  • How do you link actions to Areas of Responsibilities

    I realize that the most obvious connection will be thru projects, but that has two issues that I can see.

    First, how do you cleanly get a view of your AORs and the projects tied to them? Most systems I've seen donít have overt linkages between projects and AORs.

    Second, not all actions belong to projects, some are just single actions that tie directly to an AOR and not a project. An example of this would be ďRun 5 miles todayĒ. Iím not doing that to further a project, but because one of my AORs is Building and maintaining optimum health.

    It would be cool to be able to see actions not just by project or context but also by AOR. This is an area of my life that is important to me, now what have I structured and planned to move it along?

    Just wondering how others tie in this level (and the higher ones) with their projects and actions.

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    I word the Action or Project in such a way as I know it ties in to the particular AOF.


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      I assign projects and single actions to about 6 categories/topics, which are groupings of my areas of focus. I have done this for years, even pre-GTD, to make certain I always have something going in each area. For example I try to make certain I have actions/projects in business development as well as financial. Once I began GTD, I slowly began renaming the categories to encompass groupings of my AoFs, once I realized I could use them in this way. It's an extra step, but the rest of my GTD system is really basic and simple.


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        You don't have to explicitly link them. If you look at an action called "Run 5 miles," it should be clear whether that's part of "Maintain a Healthy Body" or "Maintain the House," right?

        If you're concerned that some Areas of Focus may not get enough attention, one part of the Monthly Review is to check each Area of Focus to ensure you have enough Projects/NAs to adequately support it.

        Of course, you certainly can maintain an explicit link, using a tool or a tag or some such.


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          Originally posted by Conejo23 View Post
          First, how do you cleanly get a view of your AORs and the projects tied to them?
          I look at the left sidebar in Omnifocus when I am in projects mode with a perspective of all active projects visible and all the folders set to show everything. My top level folders are my areas of focus so I can easily see if I have projects or single actions in each one. I can also easily see that I have too many projects in one area and then decide to put some back into someday/maybe.

          For an action like Run 5 miles today that would be under a project called Cardio Workouts or something similar in my Personal Development area of focus so it would be in a project, just a repeating task.


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            Could you capture a screen shot of that for those of us using OF?


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              Brent....yes, when I look at THAT task I know to what it relates. But what I was looking for was a way to do what Oogie describes below, visually identify what projects and tasks belong to which AORs. I posted about this on the OmniFocus forums, as well, and someone there had the same idea that Oogie has, to make a separate project folder for each AOR, then within that also create a single action list for each AOR as well. Now I can look at all those folders and see how many projects I have for each. Iím going to try that and see how it goes.


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                Originally posted by GTDWorks View Post
                Could you capture a screen shot of that for those of us using OF?
                Here are 2 partial ones. I have enough stuff that it goes for longer than a screen or 2. First 2 show my more normal viewing mode, last is the top level folders only
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                  i mainly use my ipod touch for planning and here's an article mainly center on how u match area of responsibility to tasks and actions >>

                  How to plan for big projects and its sub-projects

                  Basically, i can create big lists for the Area of Responsibility and in these list i can have subprojects or tasks or checlists for them. So it works out well.


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                    Thanks, Oogie. Your set up is amazing! I can certainly see why OmniFocus is so helpful to you.


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                      How I link my projects and actions to AOR's in Outlook

                      Yes! I agree! For me, it's crucial to be able to link in my AOR's with my projects and actions. I use Outlook and my system is simple but works: I use the projects feild to enter an AOR (from a simple drop down menu) and then I use the subproject feild to enter an actual individual project title.

                      This way I can pull up all my projects under a certain AOR, and of course pull up any actions under each project. Works for me. I wish, of course, that the Outlook add-on (which I otherwise LOVE) already had a prevision for an AOR entry, but... this gets the job done.



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                        Keeping my Projects-list sorted by categories is all I do. Those categories are akin to what sdann wrote. When starting GTD I used to be all neat-picky about having projects sorted by AoF but sson realised: the best projects support multiple AoFs. After a while you tend to get every major area going (the melting of the glaciers, the ice age is over a new era of GTD has begun..), than the need to see every project attached to every area is gone too.


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                          And how do you guys do this in a paper version?


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                            Originally posted by Cpu_Modern View Post
                            the best projects support multiple AoFs.

                            But in my world there is still a major primary AoF that each project relates to so when I have projects that span several I put them where the most actions are going to happen.


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                              Originally posted by Senol View Post
                              And how do you guys do this in a paper version?
                              Some examples from my @Home list:
                              • Pull out box of Christmas cards (mail out all Christmas cards)
                              • Grab bottle of Clorox spray (clean bathrooms)
                              • Crack open Japanese language book and study for a few minutes (finish Japanese language book)

                              I don't normally connect NAs to Projects, but that's how I do it when I need to. Those are good examples of why I don't need to explicitly connect them, actually.