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burning E-mails to CD

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  • burning E-mails to CD

    I understand the value of saving e-mails in a reference file. However, most could be safely taken off my system and but in a permanent reference file--such as burning onto a CD. Our IT folks don't seem to have either the knowledge or the interest. Does anyone know how to do this--without copying each one into MS Word and them burning it?
    thanks much!
    Dan Neunaber

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    If you are using Outlook, create your own PST file. Open it within Outlook so you'll have your original PST and the new PST. Copy everything you want to archive into the new PST. Close Outlook and burn that new PST file to a CD.


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      Something to be aware of...

      You can't open a PST file from a CD. You have to copy it to a hard drive first before opening. I guess Outlook thinks it should be able to write to a PST when it has it open.


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        burning emails to CD

        I would save the archive as text first. No guarantee that PST will be easily usable in 3 years if you need one of those emails.


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          Can you tell me the easiest way to save an archive to text?


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            I don't use Outlook - I use an email client that natively saves everything as plain text. However, from my previous days with Outlook, I think you can just right click on an Outlook folder to save it to Word, and then save the Word file as plain text. Or something like that. Look around at the options and menus in Outlook. It won't hurt you


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              Look around at the options and menus in Outlook. It won't hurt you
              I'm not so sure about that...


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                Re: Burning E-Mails

                Please search the forum and find my (rather detailed & elaborate) earlier post on saving e-mails as Adobe Acrobat PDF's.

                This is the simplest and "cleanest" way that preserves the integrity of the original document. You can burn them to any type of disc - including CD, and anyone can open them from practically anywhere - without involving Outlook.


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                  All I do is backup my Archive .pst file every week. This way I retain the structure that I am used to and I can quickly find old emails that I need.

                  You can export to Windows CSV, Access, Excel, Tab Separated Values from within Outlook but you don't have the option to choose sub folders with these.

                  With Auto Archive running you only have the simple task of backing up the one file when you choose.

                  I am sure that the .pst file format will be with us for quite a few years yet.