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  • Bit of a ramble

    I’m beginning to view GTD as a “getting things out the way” approach so that I can have (1) more TIME and (2) attention (time without attention really is useless) to go do the things I really love and enjoy doing.

    Don’t get me wrong I get buzz from chopping away at my calls list errands list, project list, completing a project etc, but really… is that what its all about?

    I’m lovin’ the free time GTD has given me. So much so that I’m finding myself with more time on hands than I know what to do with. Now I need to start putting this time on ‘doing’ some of the ‘stuff’ I actually love doing (like the old days before life got so complicated)

    Moral is don’t view GTD as JUST a getting calls, errands, house chores, etc done. Instead maybe look at it as an incredibly effective way to get that stuff “out the way” so you can do the enjoyable stuff you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the time to do or the attention to do properly.

    Time really is quite a precious thing, and I missed my time and the things I used to do with it. Thanks to GTD I’m getting it back.