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ACT! and GTD?

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  • ACT! and GTD?

    Anyone have any good ideas on how to implement GTD in ACT!?

    I'm using ACT! now exclusively and am stumped on how to do it. ACT! Activities are kind of simple and designed to go with Contacts, not Projects, so if there's a great way to do it, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks!

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    Not sure this will be what you want to hear...

    We recently moved over to ACT as our Contact Management System.

    After a fair bit of playing, I still couldn't get ACT to form the basis of my system, so I now effectively use 2 systems:

    ACT - For managing contacts with client base (where the action is related to specifically talking to or meeting with with the client in question)

    MyLifeOrganised - For everything else (including actions I have to do to advance projects relating to clients)

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful - but I don't think there's a way you will be able to get the various GTD-esque categorisation into ACT.




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      Someone suggested potentially using Groups in ACT! to create Projects, which in turn can have several levels of sub-groups. That may work well enough for me if I can figure out a way to filter the Activities by Group.

      I've been looking at ToodleDo and have ToDo on my iPhone, which sync together, as an alternative, but would prefer to have it all in "one place," if possible.