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tickler files: limitations and iseful applications

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  • tickler files: limitations and iseful applications

    Limitations: 1) Ticklers can be useful but if you do not check them at the intended interval, you can lose track of items. 2) If you need an item before a given day and do not recall the day or month you filed it under, you may have a lot of searching to do. I find it easier to note something on my calendar that will direct me to the file where I will find the item I need rather than put the item in the tickler. Useful Applications:1)If you have the kind of work or personal life where you really and trully can check the tickler at the right times. For example, if you are in the same office and at the same desk everyday or can carry the blessed tickler around with you. 2) If you have certain recurring tasks that are necessarily grouped in a certain way in time, such as monthly maintanence checklists where what you do each month varies a little bit . 3) You may want to pass information from one date to another smoothly, such as a chart of weekly progress or 4)The date is the most important element at a certain stage in a project and you have a lot of date-related info. For example, you edit a newspaper column on what's happening in your town each week, you would probably collect the press releases and flyers by date. Hope this helps someone.