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Manila file folders in the Netherlands (Europe)

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  • Manila file folders in the Netherlands (Europe)

    Does anybody know if manila file folders are available in the Netherlands?
    I can't find any

    and indeed hanging files are pretty expensive.

    Maybe ordering via
    Does anybody in Europe (pref: Netherlands) have any experience?

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    I have no idea if this is any help, but I remembered this thread (I think it was this one).

    You might try searching on other keywords surrounding your question.

    Good luck.


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      Supertab from Smead


      It took me also a while to find them in the Netherlands. I use SMEAD supertab and they work perfect.

      You can get them at

      Have fun,



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        you do agree however that the price is nothing the same as in the USA.
        $4 per 100
        or €18 per 100

        but thanks anyway for pointing me to
        think I will try these. Now I only need to find a filing cabinet or a filing box.

        (suggestion for a filing box Bernard ? )


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          Aspvik from Ikea

          Hi Senol,

          I use the Aspvik from Ikea

          It is made for hanging folders, but if you just remove the bars then it is an excellent kabinet for storing your reference material.
          I use the top drawer with hanging folders for my tickler files
          the bottom two are for reference material.



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            I use what they call 'binnenmappen'. You can get them here. They are the closest to manilla folders I could find. I have bee using those for 5 years now.


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              I'm curious, what is used in other countries if not manila file folders? Is there some other common 'standard' thing? They're taken for granted here, in my eyes.


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                Manila folders in Norway

                I was lucky that we have a good office supply lady at work who managed to find manila folders from our supplier...

                I got many strange looks the day I carted a filing cabinet in to my office when I started with GTD (2 months ago), but that was nothing compared to their shock upon seeing my manila folders! haha

                Manila folders are as common as apple pie where I come from, but Everybody uses hanging folders here in Norway.

                I get mine from where they are called "vertikalmappe" A4 POS. 1 are the standard ones with the tab on the left, POS. 2 for middle tab, POS. 3 for right tab. They come in boxes of 100.

                Hope this helps anyone else looking


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                  In the UK we use manila folders - but it's taken me ages to source some tabbed ones