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15 category limit on Palm

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  • 15 category limit on Palm

    I'm a new member, and I couldn't find anything about this by searching the archives. What have you all done about the 15 category limit on the Palm? If I go over 15 catetgories in Outlook, any over 15 get wiped out when I download tasks/to do items to my Palm (OS5). Any suggestions for creative workarounds?


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    Yup, that;'s right. You can buy 3rd party software to work around it-- KeySuite at is a popular one.

    Or, you can use my work-around-- use only 15 categories. If categories=context, how many different contexts do you need? If you are using categories fro project management-- I think there are better ways to do that.


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      Use an Outliner

      I'm just starting out, but here's what I do that works for me. i have replaced the To Do software with an outliner/listmaker software. I'm using Bonsai, but ThoughtManager and Brainstorm also seem to be popular. You can download any of them on the web in trial versions.

      You can use any of these programs to create as many to do lists as you want, with checkboxes and so on. In addition, you can also create other kinds of lists and outlines. The lists are sortable, can be filtered, and so on.

      In effect, the outliner software replaces and improves both the ToDo and Memo functions of the Palm. i highly recommend.


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        life balance has unlimited categories (places)

        check out life balance, it is a combined outliner todo list which has allow unlimited categories called places, which mesh nicely with the GTD context idea. They even have a template for GTD users. I use it instead of the palm todo list and love it.


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          Organizing by context....

          Hi there,

          This is a topic that comes up in many seminars we facilitate. In fact, the best practice of organizing is to have made front end decisions about next actions, and have defined places in your system where those decisions "live."

          Sounds like you're on track in using your To Do lists (you've got them set up the same way I do.

          Through years of coaching thousands of individuals, we have found that the best practice is to organize the actions by the context necessary to take action, not by the project it's about.

          If you tried to organize your next actions by the project, every time you were at a phone with discretionary time, you'd have to search through all your Project notes (or piles/folders) to find all the phone calls you could possibly make, and you won't do that.

          And you don't want to spend the time writing them in both places. The Weekly Review (we’re going to get that that in the coming weeks!) is what "connects the dots" together, which is still the manual discipline required to make it all work.

          Yes, you do (at least once a week) need to review your index of open loops and ensure that you have next actions for each one in the appropriate list or folder - Calls, At Computer, Errands, etc.

          I don't keep ANY actions under the Projects (in my Palm as a TO-DO category), I just keep "flat" lists, reviewing the Projects list as often as required (at LEAST once a week) to make sure I have the next actions for each in the appropriate places. That's the only reason to look at the Projects list anyway, since you can't do a project, only the actions about them. Usually, I'm just working off the action lists.