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GTD and NYE Resolutions

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  • GTD and NYE Resolutions

    This has been the first year of actively applying GTD methodology in my daily life. What I found was when asked what my NYE resolutions were, I honestly didn't know what to answer.

    Because I'm constantly reviewing my longterm goals within GTD and breaking up activities into bite sized pieces there was no imperative comenup with a resolution this year.

    I'd be interested if anyone else has had the same experience or the complete opposite!

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    Yes sometimes the idea of New Years Resolutions seems quite silly - the present a much better time to start acting than on the first day of the year/month/week.


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      Do 52 Weekly Reviews!

      The only New Year Resolution for 2010: Do 52 Weekly Reviews! (suggested by David Allen)


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        Sort of Resolutions

        I sort of did some resolutions this year.

        As part of the not quite finished year end review I looked at a few long term goals and projects that weren't moving along as fast as I want them to.

        I modified their project and actions so that I now have a recurring action that will repeat every day or week (depending on the project) to kick start the projects. The actions are much smaller and more granular than I usually work with but these projects weren't getting done so I felt it was necessary.

        I'm hoping that within a month or 2 I can revert back to larger next actions for these projects or even eliminate the action reminders because the actions will be habits.


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          Does anyone else besides me think that the regular application of GTD systems and procedures makes New Year's resolutions obsolete?

          What a great answer to that common question (as often as not asked merely to make conversation, not out of genuine inquiry) "What are your New Year's resolutions?"

          "Don't need them any more." (And then be prepared to elaborate!)


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            I do think that applying the reviews and horizons etc, already constitute mini-resolutions.

            In hindsight, I noticed there were two themes I primarily focused on last year and accomplished the most on. I have decided those themes will still be present, but that I now want to put primary focus on two other themes. Those are my resolutions. I'm curious to see how that works. I put the themes into my areas of focus, which I think is the right place.


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              I do, I do, I do!

              Originally posted by Day Owl View Post
              Does anyone else besides me think that the regular application of GTD systems and procedures makes New Year's resolutions obsolete?
              I do, I do, I do


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                Someone at work periodically mentions new years resolutions. "That'll make a good new years resolution". Although I don't say it to them like this, I always think.

                "For the last 5 years using GTD I've made resolutions whenever I felt I needed them, and reviewed them every week or month to make sure I was on track. Going back to just once a year would just feel odd."


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                  During my yearly review, I added a few things related to my 50,000 ft. Horizons of Focus. But I did not create a list of New Year's resolutions.