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    I've read GTD.
    I haven't 'Ready for Anything'.

    What is 'Ready for Anything' about?

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    Nice one. Its a collection of essays by DA covering the philosophical aspects of the GTD methodology. (my interpretation).
    I use it as my cheerleading book. Whenever i need some GTD inspiration, I open any page randomly and the essay (2-3 pages max) seems to hit home. Its a great trick- also works with any book/author you really like.


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      "Ready For Anything" is a collection of 52 essays, I believe derived from David Allen's "Productivity Principles" newsletter. Each essay is a meditation on some aspect of personal productivity, exploring the deeper principles behind the GTD methodology.

      I really like this book. The essays are inspiring and thought-provoking. The book is perfect for dipping in for a quick read and then mulling over what you just read.


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        I enjoy plugging in "Ready for Anything" while I travel by car. I've got Disk 3 in my CD player now. Great way to stay in touch with the reasons why we GTD.