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Syncing Projects Lists...

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  • Syncing Projects Lists...

    I use the outlook GTD add in for projects and next actions management.

    Also, for higher level brainstorming, I use the brain and free mind.

    Here is my dilemma...
    I want to be able to colloraborate/sync my projects list, as well as mind maps/ brainstorm platforms, with another person (the head of my company). For some projects, we may both have action items to do ourselves. Some, it's just completely up to them.

    We are in 2 different locations (states)

    Solutions or thoughts?

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    I tend to use mindmanager as it links into outlook. I can then create tasks linked to the mind map and send status reports using the outlook add in.

    My boss tends to send me a task (which is actually a project)- that i send status updates on. I have to train him to send them to me as well- but outlook does allow you to send status updates- especially if you use an exchange server.

    We also use sharepoint as an area to share a project reference and support material in.

    Let me know if you find a nicer way..