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what to do with paper

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  • what to do with paper

    after I have made up my task list. wWhat do I do with the paperwork needed to send off somewhere after the task/project is done

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    It's hard to help without a specifc example. But, it generally depends on what the next action is and the context that you will do that single action in. Let's say the paperwork is your child's application for summer camp. The application came in the mail and when you processed your mail it became a project bec. you could see it will take two or more steps. I would list out some of the steps (make doctor's appt, file out form, chat with kid about interests for the interest questionnaire, write the depoti check) and then would immediatly put any relevant dates onmy calendar and make a folder for it and put it in my comprehensive file. But, then the first step goes on a context list. Schedule the physical exam for the kid would go on my phone list. But, if I will need to complete the form with an address book in hand because I need to put in names and addresses of emergency contact then I would put that on my @home/desk list, all the while leaving the application in its file in my file cabinet. If I had the info needed in my head and could complete he application anywhere, the I would put it on my @anywhere list and put the application in its file in my briefcase. Another useful first step with critical paperwork that might travel with you from place to place is to make a copy of it and file that. in a filder labrelled "Camp Application, duplicate copy" If this answer isn't helpful, you might provide a more specific example for ideas about what to do next.