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  • Online reference system help

    alright guys i知 thinking about having/trying out an online reference system (gtd style). and i知 not sure where to go for the better ones available.

    i知 also wondering for those that do it - how you actually do it. i only want the ONE reference inbox. the gtd tool I知 using doesn't cattier for reference, though i could (and kinda do) store references in my google mail either by archiving it or putting it in one of the folders i created (orders/receipts, read/review). i also have just got a mac and installed 1password which i知 thinking i could use make a full reference system with some tweaking but i致e only just started playing around with it. i also checked out

    thats basically it. just looking for ONE simple to use reference system to put all non actionable stuff which may or may not need sometime in the future.

    i壇 also like it to be somewhat safe sines its going to have some important info in there.
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    Seems to be the best software in that category:

    What about backups?
    What about privacy?

    Can you pleeeaze dou your self a onec-in-a-lifetime favour and think about those topics?


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      If you are using a mac and would like a offline solution , i had also recommend using devonthink , leaving the online sync ,it beats evernote in every category.

      If you had like your reference to be available to you everywhere , then evernote is a superior choice.


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        I like the look of that. Nice one. I'll try it out.