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GTD and OneNote

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  • GTD and OneNote

    I wrote this GTD and OneNote article for GTD Times. It was posted on January 7, 2010.

    I thought I would share the pdf version for anyone interested. I plan to post more...somewhere...either here, on GTDTimes, or maybe even my own blog (which doesn't exist yet).


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    Thanks for the great article

    Your review of OneNote has inspired me to give it a try; I'm glad I did! Though I'm only using the most rudimentary aspects of the software, I'm already starting to see the benefits. This software has strong potential to transform the way we engage with digital support material. It's definitely worth a try.

    One feature that I particularly enjoy is the ability to copy and paste a segment of a web site into a notebook page. ON treats these like text boxes in word; I can edit the contents and move them where I see fit. That's much nicer than printing off pages or keeping track of favorites or individual URLs.


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      OneNote is a great tool!

      Cool stuff. I've been using OneNote myself for about 2 years now. When I first came across this amazing tool, I was impressed by how cool it looked. But I couldn't figure out if this software could work for me, so I quickly dismissed it.

      A while later, I decided to give ON another chance, taking a more serious look at its features and actually using it to manage small work projects. Very quickly I fell in love with it!

      While I don't always use OneNote for each of my projects, I find myself using it to brainstorm ideas for certain work projects and to jot down next actions for each project. I also use it to store all kinds of checklists and information that I can refer to regularly (books to read, travel lists, meeting preparation lists, etc.). For some of my sensitive information, I even have a separate password-protected section in ON.

      I have a default notebook in ON called "My Work Projects". Each project has its own page in the notebook (I have about 5 to 8 projects in ON right now). For each project -- say "Launch New Site for Client XYZ" -- I just go to the page and can immediately have access to my NA's and important project support materials in there, such as links, client notes, future ideas for the site, etc.

      I like having all my notes for a project in a central location. Of course some of the support material connected with these projects only exist as paper documents, so this stuff goes straight into a project folder stored in my filing cabinet.

      I don't use OneNote with Outlook like you do (I don't use Outlook at all). But I find it cool that both programs are a natural fit with each other.


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        I thought I'd love OneNote

        I was so excited to start using OneNote that I started telling all sorts of people about it, and even convinced a few to start using it.

        That was before I tried to put all of my project support material into a notebook. I copied a few hundred photos and video clips into a notebook and from then on, any work in that notebook got to be maddeningly slow.

        Please note that the notebook got to be 4-5 gig in size, so I understand why this would happen, but the same information stored in my file folders do not cause that logjam.

        I set aside OneNote when this happened, and the first time I needed information from one of my notebooks when I was on a computer that did not have the software installed... no way to extract... no way to convert.

        I can see how it would be awesome but requires more than turnkey operation to do everything I would need it to do (as someone who needs to be able to work from multiple computers or in my car in the middle of nowhere).

        I give this commentary reservedly, though. If I were regularly on a desktop and knew I would always have access to Onenote, I would love to love this software.



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          I think you'll ifnd thatOneNote has come a long way and will get better when OneNote 2010 is finally released...

          When you are stashing a large amount of stuff, it may be more prudent to link to the files or folder rather than to stuff a load of pics in there. that is how I got around a number of situations like that .

          Also, when the OneNote 2010 product is released, so will OneNote Web 2010, allowing you to access your Notebooks from the browser. this may enable you to have a fresh new look at Outlook again...


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            that just may do it

            That sounds promising. I would love for Onenote to do what I need it to do.

            For now I make do with the file system of my computer. I don't have the links and everything, but between Outlook (for small stuff) and the file system (for big stuff) I can access most of what I need, most of the time.

            Thanks for letting me know about OneNote 2010's potential... lookin' forward to it!