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Supplies/ small tips to help you file faster

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  • Supplies/ small tips to help you file faster

    My project is going great and it is worth taking time from other parts of my work to get this stuff processed. I processed today's mail in 5 minutes rather than the usual 30! Alphabetical FILE GUIDES with large, colorful letters do help filing to go faster (Smead UPC 50180, No.S125-25MC, are terrific), but a heavier stock than these have would be a good idea if you can find them. The ones with smaller grayish or black letters are too hard to distinquish from file heads. . The FOLDERS that came in a box labelled "for general filing" are proving to be a poor choice for the folders I am pulling a lot; they are twisting and ripping. I wish I had realized this sooner--I am on my 4th box of 100. I am going to get stronger ones to have on hand and replace the torn as needed. LABEL MAKING--If you are using your labeler for something like "Educational Expenses '03, go ahead and make '04 or even '05 at the same time and set those up. Similarly, if you file by name and several people have same item and you know will be getting them eventually, make the headings now that you expect to use later while the basic info is in the labeler and set these up in your system. For example: ELIS, Jamie LIVING WILL and POA (mine is done), ELIS, Robin LIVING WILL and POA (don't have this one yet, but it is on my @adjenda for Robin), ELIS, Tracy LIVING WILL and POA (it's on @errands to get from nursing home). Finally, to PREVENT PAPER CUTS, latex medical gloves hat fit well are saving me from paper cuts and letting me work faster than band-aids but a more dexterous person might find otherwise. I hope I am not repeating someone elses tips.