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Question about Office 2007 categories

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  • Question about Office 2007 categories

    Hi all,

    I just started using the GTD method and already convinced a couple of my co-workers to also use GTD )

    A problem we encounter is the next. We like to use the outlook categories in our agenda, contactpersons and our archive of emails, and we like to attach a color to it, so in our agenda, we will have different color for the different meetings about certain projects, or for a meeting with a certain coworker. This works great for all of us. Now the problem that we have is that we only can choose a color out of 25 possible colors (and some colors do look alike alot). Does someone know of a way to create more colors into the categories?

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    Originally posted by annetje77 View Post
    Does someone know of a way to create more colors into the categories?
    It seems a question too specific. Sorry I don't have any experience as I use outlook 2003.

    However I had a couple of association I feedback to you:

    Do you the setup GTD manual for Outlook 2007? ?

    Did you try to ask in the outlook web newsgroup?


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      Thanks for answering my question.

      I already downloaded the manual and found lovely tips in it, but not for my specific question.

      Ill look further.


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        Here is a site ( that states that you only get Outlook's 25 colors.

        It does seem a little strange, given that so many other applications let you choose from among 60,000+ colors for various purposes.



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          Hi Joe,

          Like you i find it very strange that the colors are limited.