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David Allen - Way Too Cool

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  • David Allen - Way Too Cool

    I have just read an interview Scott Allen conducted with David Allen. I also have David Allen's two books, which I'm reading simultaneously. I'm a resident of the planet who is ready for David Allen's message.

    I just love the way DA expresses himself - he is just WAY COOL !

    Peace !


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    I'm in total agreement with you Linda.

    Have recently finished listening to the GTD Fast CD's and really enjoyed his way of getting the message across - style, wit, enthusiasm & passion, all comes out on those CD's - they're brilliant.

    wishing you great success!!



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      I'm also really impressed with David Allen's material and I think his audio CD's are amazing. He has one of the best speaking voices I've heard, and I've listened to a lot of audio books.

      He is also one of the few authors/speakers that I've heard that doesn't waste time with any trivial material, he gets right to the details. I've listened to his GTD, GTD Fast, and Get Ready for Anything CD's several times and I learn something new every time I listen to them.

      My only wish is that he would create additional audio books, especially one for his "Leveraging Focus & Vision" seminar.



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        also on audible

        I really enjoyed his narration of Getting things done which I listen to on my ipod, downloading the book as an mp4 file from


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          David Allen's speaking voice

          I too enjoy David's tapes and voice.

          Has anyone else noticed that he sounds a lot like Steve Martin?


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            More audio tapes

            I have his GTD Fast! tapes as well! They are wonderful! I am hoping that they will make more audio tapes!



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              DAVID ALLEN ON TAPE & CD

              I have almost all of his media, but I also have the original jewel, MANAGING ACTION & PROJECTS tapes (which sounds like he recorded them at his home! Got them in 1999).