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Mac Mail folders & number of messages

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  • Mac Mail folders & number of messages

    Back when I used Outlook, way before I discovered the beauty of a Mac, on a folder (Reference, @Waiting For etc) it would let you display a number next to the folder showing you the amount of total contents.

    So for example, if three emails were in your @Action folder you would see @Action (3).

    I'm trying to implement this with the on the Mac. Apart from marking the messages as unread I can't see how to do this.

    I'm running the Mail Act-on plugin and I can hit a key sequence and the email is automatically sent to a folder. Unfortunately the plug-in marks it as read and wont let you mark it as unread after its been moved. They are working on it but I don't know how far away that is.

    Has anyone managed to get this working with or without a plug-in?

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    So close but no cigar

    So I came across this and thought my search was over :

    It can be configured to show you to # of unread aswell as the total # of messages BUT only shows this on the dock or the status bar. It doesn't show you those numbers next to the folders within the mail app. However it may be useful for someone hence the update.

    My search continues.