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Integrate and GTD

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  • Integrate and GTD

    Anybody out there have any experience with Salesforce and GTD.
    My company uses Salesforce also to track projects and this poses a new challenge to integrate GTD into this.

  • #2 and GTD

    We have been on for about a year and we were on GTD way before that. We still use Outlook and Treo for GTD lists and we only use tasks in for admin items since they aren't as easily portable.


    • #3
      Gtd + Sf

      I'm continually working on integrating GTD into SalesForce and other apps. I will just list what I have done, take from it what you like.

      -Created a "Contexts" tab, (As administrator: Go to Setup -- App Setup -- Create -- Objects -- New )
      -Name the new Object "Contexts" and select the minimum number of fields like "Context name" and then leave all the standard buttons and layouts.

      That's step 1.

      Now when you scroll to the VERY bottom of SF, it will show a link leading to the CONTEXTS object. Click it. Now I've added each of the contexts by clicking "NEW" and just typing @phone, @email, @waiting for, @..." for new contexts.

      That's step 2

      Now when you create a new task or modify an existing one, there will be the option, on the drop down menu "Related To:" and then on the drop down menu, it will say "Account , Case , Contact , Opportunity , Context". Select Context, and then type in the context name that the task should be assigned to. Eg. @Phone.

      That's step 3 (and takes the most effort)

      Now instead of pulling up your tasks on the HOME page, create new reports that search for "Context name includes:" and create new reports for each context name. To do this, go to Reports, click the ACTIVITIES drop down and select ACTIVITIES WITH CONTEXTS then Select "Summary Report"-- Jump to Step: "Select Criteria" -- Advanced Filters: Field: "Context Name" Contains @phone -- Run Report

      For each new report, run different @contexts.

      Now you will be able to pull up all of your activities sorted by Context.

      If you don't have administrator access, there is a simpler option for implementing GTD.

      Choose a naming convention that works for you, i originally used:

      Task name: "@Context - Next action - Account name - Contact name"
      for my business it looks like this:
      "@Phone - Get trial feedback - Miami-Dade Schools - Dr. John Smith"

      Then if you run a similar report to the one above but that searches for "Task name Contains @contextname" then you can also sort your tasks via context.

      For lists, I've done almost the same thing as Context, where i've created a new object name Lists. And then List names within the object list. Then i assign tasks to lists. Then run a report to search for the list name in each tasks. This leads to SF actually generating my list. Takes a little extra effort creating a new task each time.. but when you're managing a large number of tasks each week, it sure pays off to be able to use 1 central source for GTD and Sales. (I have roughly 700 tasks per week, without GTD in SF, I'd be lost).

      If anyone has any questions, send me a quick message or email
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