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Struggling with continued GTD, any product suggestions?

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  • Struggling with continued GTD, any product suggestions?

    I've been struggling with GTD as my next actions and projects balloon (I run an internet startup) and I think I need to see either more detailed examples relevant to me or get better information (or a different perspective) on GTD. Can anyone suggest anything in particular that might help (e.g. Audio CDs)?


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    The most obvious resources I can think of are this forum, David Co's free podcasts, and the online store (for audio CDs).

    You say that your projects and next actions lists are "ballooning". Why do you think that is? Is it a system/GTD problem? Too much to do? Lack of motivation or focus?


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      Originally posted by tj-startup View Post
      I've been struggling with GTD.....Can anyone suggest anything in particular that might help
      Join Connect,

      access to more good stuff, videos, papers and DavidCo materials and the connect forums have lots of folks willing to talk and help.


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        I agree with @Oogiem. I am light years ahead in my use of GTD since joining Connect. At least use the 2 week trial period and see what you can pick-up and determine if it's worth it.


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          Thanks guys, maybe I'll check out connect first. Is the GTDLive audio worth listening to? (i.e. does it have a lot of extra stuff that wouldn't just be found in the book).


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            Two Suggestions

            Couple of suggestions:

            1. Connect series - Getting Started. This set of audio & videos is EXCELLENT.
            2. Making It All Work audio. I pick up something new every time I listen to it.

            GTD>Live! is good too
            (an audio version of a live seminar with David)

            The other replies are also great ways to help get better perspective on maintaining & implementing GTD.



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              I would definitely recommend

              I would definitely recommend the "GTD System" if you are new to GTD. It's a great package with many of the essentials for getting started, including a 30-day trial to GTD Connect.

              In my opinion, it's one of the best sets we offer for GTD education and value.



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                How Did I Miss That One?

                Originally posted by kelstarrising View Post
                I would definitely recommend the "GTD System"
                Wow, how did I miss that one?! And I literally placed an order today that included the GTD System.



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                  Oh yes i agree with Kelly the GTD System CD's are great, worth every penny.

                  They helped me immensely and great to listen to over & over, learn something new every time.