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off topic - what is the best outliner for ppc?

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  • off topic - what is the best outliner for ppc?

    I read such good things here about Bonsai.

    However, I own a ppc.

    I didn't like listpro and now I'm using trenotes.

    any suggestions for a better one?

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    I use Streamliner. It's the closest thing I've found to MS Word's outlining capability. (In fact, Streamliner imports/exports .rtf files, so you can pass an outline to/from MS Word).


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      Listpro (a generic list manager) has recently had some small but significant tweaks which make a big difference. In particular, drag and drop indenting and the ability to "flatten" a file, holding the parent/child relationship in extra columns.

      This means you can:
      - set up a template list with columns for item, context and a three way "action/ next action" flag
      - brainstorm and organise to your heart's content
      - flag some of the items as actions/ next actions (one tap)
      - flatten the file
      - filter the next actions
      - export these to a .csv for upload to outlook tasks on the desktop

      OK, so I've been playing about! but I really haven't been paying enough attention to the project level of GTD, so I'm trying to trick myself to get this moving.

      The tool is a bit pricy (I got it for free with an iPaq 3630 years ago and have just paid $16 for the upgrade), and some of the user interface choices are idiosyncratic. You can get product descriptions and links to reviews through

      Hope this helps...



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        Dave & FBA,

        Thanks for your replies.

        I've been testing both Streamliner and the new version of Listpro.

        Still, I feel that Trenotes suits my needs better.

        I was very impressed of Bonsai (e.g. - it's ability to automatically change the color of the next action by days remaining to due date).

        But, as I said before, I don't use a palm (any more).

        Guess that is another area in which ppc's software is still falling behind.