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What are those plain folders recommended for the filing?

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  • What are those plain folders recommended for the filing?


    I'm reading the GTD book but, I'm confused as I'm unable to understand what kind of folders and file cabinets David Allen is recommending to use...

    I have the book in English but, I'm not a native english speaker & I live in Europe... so, I feel blocked as I'm not able to understand their recommendations....
    like for instance, when he mentions in his book:
    ...use just plain folders standing up by themselves in the file drawer, help up by movable metal plate in the back
    I've spent a lot of time navigating thru online office stores to try the get the point but...
    1. the photos for manila folders are in too low resolution so, I don't get the point
    2. and I don't understand what that movable metal plate are and then how the folders stand up in the drawers... (today I have a big cabinet with selves & one file hanging drawer in my office)

    So, I'm sure something similar is available here in Europe but I don't know what to ask for in the office store...
    I'd be great to include in the book & in DA's website some drawings or pictures of the material is recommending to help the people abroad.

    In the meantime, I'd much appreciate any help (photos?) to understand what is recommending

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    "plain folders" means manila file folders or similar folders (in German they are called "Einstellmappen"). (click on pictures to enlarge) (interior folders)

    I doubt that you will find that metal plates here in Europe. I'm in Germany and couldn't find them, too. Instead you can use "box bottom files" and put
    several of that plain folders into one of that box files (6 cm). (box bottom)

    Or you could use a system like classei:



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      Danke / Thanks, Rainer!! that was very helpful.

      I liked the Classei system, I'll look for them or something similar here, in Spain



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        The Classi System does look interesting. Is it availabe in the U.S.?

        The Calssi website has much of the text in English, but the store appears only to be in German. The system looks like a really small footpring file system.

        Scot Giles