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GTD application for IPhone that syncs with Outlook

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  • GTD application for IPhone that syncs with Outlook

    I need an application for IPhone for GTDing that syncs easily with Outlook. Any advice?

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    Small addition: it should sync directly not through WEB.


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      Originally posted by nesterov View Post
      Small addition: it should sync directly not through WEB.
      Appigo Todo for iPhone has a sync tool that works with Outlook. It is currently in beta though and from reading their support forums, it seems that there are a few bugs to iron out yet.


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        OK, is there any WIRELSS programs that work 100%?


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          I've actually purchased a hosted microsoft exchange account that I use to sync my iphone to the exchange server. It's just like having outlook at work, but at home and on my iphone. Only 10 bucks a month. I've got a GTD solution for outlook, so it works great for me.


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            Pocket Informant

            I use Pocket Informant for Iphone. It syncs wirelessly to Outlook now. Sync program is 'in public beta' at present (and free) and I've been using it two months. PI for iPhone is pretty close to GTD methodology with a few extra bits you can use or ignore.


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              Dean33, is it difficult to configure the PI - Outlook sync? And does it sync everything: Calendar, Tasks, Notes?


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                I've also found an article about ToDo programm. Anybody using it? Is it easy to sync with Outlook?


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                  PI Sync

                  PI sync works for Tasks and calender items. Notes are not included in PI and sync through Itunes sync when I recharge.

                  Sync set up is very well documented and easier than it sounds. Details on their website with a demo video.

                  PI itself is worth a trial and play -and the sync does now work. Only glitch (which they acknowledge) is on 'all day' appointments which can currently duplicate.

                  Most important - I have 200 tasks (next actions) neatly synced.

                  Although I am pc based in Outlook (2003) all day I find task entry much easier in PI.



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                    I just finished reading GTD and already had PI on my iPhone - so far I've been able to set it up pretty well. It syncs easily with outlook 2007.

                    I was considering action lists and still like it but would prefer to have my calendar and tasks all in place plus having them sync'd in outlook is a great bonus.


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                      Are you tied to Outlook for work?

                      I've recently given up Outlook and gone to other services that link seamlessly between iPhone, iPad, and PC. It was mentally stressful at first (I've been on Outlook for at least 10 years), but I really like not being tied to it.

                      Now if I replace OneNote (yes, I use Evernote).