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Special offer for our public GTD Forum subscribers

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  • Special offer for our public GTD Forum subscribers

    Tomorrow at 10am PT we are hosting a Webinar for GTD Connect members on "Productive Use of Social Media." I'll be leading it with guest panelist Meghan Wilker (read more from Meghan on GTD Times.) It will look at social media from the GTD perspective--what's an inbox, what's not? What's your purpose in using something like Twitter or Facebook?

    We're giving our public GTD Forum members a rare "free pass" opportunity to attend this. Normally, our Webinars require Connect membership, but we're opening this one up if you'd like to attend.

    Sign up for the Webinar here. In the Connect login name, please enter your GTD Forum name (not your password, just your Forum name please, for verification.)

    Enjoy! And thanks for participating in the GTD Forums. We appreciate you all.