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Project List Implementation Question - multiple project lists for each client?

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  • Project List Implementation Question - multiple project lists for each client?

    I've been struggling with an implementation question now for a few months and am thinking I just have a mental block or something so I thought I'd ask here.

    I have multiple clients I meet with weekly and have a project list and agenda for each. We define new projects in each meeting.

    I also have Things for Mac and tag my items by client as well as context.

    My problem is this: I work haphazardly off of both the client project lists and usually even forget to check Things. I seem to resist taking the time to place all my current projects from my project list into Things. Being a creative, easily distracted person, I find it hard to write things down once, let alone twice.
    Sometimes I'm able to clean it all up with the weekly review, but by the time I'm done w/the review I'm so tired of making all the mental decisions to define next actions that I don't feel like working on any of them for the next day or so.

    As you may expect from reading this post, I have been in the 'doing things when they blow up' rather than 'show up' mode.

    I've read all the books backwards and forwards, and have all the charts, but somehow can't seem to get myself to implement on a regular basis.

    Thank you for your suggestions.

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    What's the successful outcome?

    If the outcome of the various projects belonging to one customer is the same, it's the same project. For example, if your business breaks projects into sequential phases for revenue recognition, for example, it may make sense from a "tactical" / control perspective to keep your tasks associated to the same project. It's all moving toward the same goal.

    Say, on the other hand, your clients tend to have projects that are independent of each other, where one might complete, another be on hold, and new ones pop up in the midst of all this, with separate successful outcomes. Your "project thinking" should shift during your review times to focus on your vision of what "done" looks like for that project. In that case it would make sense to break them up.

    You may even have a combination thereof. Think about how you think about your projects and decide.

    I'm guessing from what you said that you have at least some projects you can combine; look for multiple projects with the same players and intersecting critical path items...

    Does that help, or confuse things more?


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      It sounds to me like you need to get everything for each client on ONE list, and them manage that list for that client.

      It also sounds like part of the problem is that you have items in more than on place and that is what is distracting/slowing you down.