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Using "Making it All Work" in a graduate seminar

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  • Using "Making it All Work" in a graduate seminar

    I am going to be using David Allen's latest book in my research design course. Any thoughts on how to integrate GTD best practices into material presented to second year Master's students?

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    Have they had previous GTD exposure? I ask because, for me, "Making it all work" is an expansion and a deepening of the concepts introduced in GTD. IMO it's difficult to get the most out of MIAW without going through GTD first.

    As a part-time PhD student, I find my GTD system invaluable for my research project.


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      I gave all my graduate students a copy of GTD and told them to read it. I try to model the best practices for them. I'm not sure any of them really get it


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        Grad classes

        I'm going to take some grad classes and I never would have felt I could do it without GTD (married, own a business...out of school a LONG time). I'm not the least bit concerned about keeping up with the kiddos, though. Sure wish I'd known about GTD "way back when".