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Changing sizes of notes in outlook

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  • Changing sizes of notes in outlook

    When I open a note in Outlook it usually opens as a very small window. I usually increase it's size but when I open it again in the future it is back to its small size. Also when I start a new note it opens as really small.

    Does anyone know how to make the "default" note size much bigger? Also I like the fact that in Outlook you can open lots of different notes together; this really helps in the WR when you need to look at various lists at the same time. Is there a way to make a particular list always open in the same location in the screen so that when you open a group of notes you can see them all at the same time rather than them being on top of each other.

    I have gained a lot in the past by asking about Outlook so thanks in advance.

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    Evernote has a free version. Do yourself a huge favor and move your notes to Evernote. You can still use Outlook for the other functions.



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      I changed mine from medium to large, but it wasn't much of a difference.


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        Could I get Evernote to sync to my Palm?