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The New Implementation Guide

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  • The New Implementation Guide

    Has anyone tried it? How good is it?

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    It's great!

    The new "GTD Implementation Guide" is great but it reveals the hidden truth about the GTD methodology:

    GTD does not think for you! You have to think and DECIDE!


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      a) Please more details

      b) With NO credit card that´s not easy to get a copy .... is Paypal supported in any way?


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        PayPal is supported for International orders

        Hi there,

        Yes- we would be happy to process an order via PayPal. This feature is not integrated with our web store yet but we can do this manually for you. Please email Clara Hembree in our customer service department and she will issue you a PayPal invoice. Clara's email is .

        If you wish to order any additional items do let her know the exact item number and name of the product as well as a shipping address. You do have your choice of FedEx shipping (w/tracking) or USPS (no tracking) and Clara will follow up with a shipping quote to let you know the total cost of your order. Screen shots are occasionally blocked so it is best to send a written list of items for any additional products that require shipping.

        The item number for the new downloadable Implementation guide is 10160 in LETTER size and 10161 for the guide in A4 FORMAT. Let me know if this answers your question. Happy to help if you need any further assistance!
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          My thoughts

          Originally posted by lolajl View Post
          Has anyone tried it? How good is it?
          I bought it right away and I think it's terrific. If you're in your first year of GTD, I'd order it 9-1-1! If there is any part of GTD you are still struggling with, I'd order it 9-1-1! I only wish this had been around when I first implemented GTD. It would have saved me an awful lot of time.

          Connect members just completed a terrific 3-part webinar series called "Road to Black belt". I ordered it as part of the project I have set up around tightening up some of my systems and practices. I've been practicing GTD since about 2002 and I found PLENTY of value in the Implementation Guide for me as well!

          Overall, I give it a big thumbs up!


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            You can download a sample of this Guide.

            Originally posted by ThorstenvPK View Post
            a) Please more details
            From the product page in the DavidCo store you can download a sample of this Guide.


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              Just bought the Guide and will read it the next days during my trip to Finnland, starting with a first roundup reading at the flight.

              Thanks again (after a bunch of emails) to the great support team behind the company of David Allen.


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                I just used the guide to get back on track with GTD, and even though I own all three of David Allen's books, the guide helped me plug some holes much quicker than going back through hundreds of pages. I wrote a full review over at GTD Reviews - feel free to give feedback.

                Overall, I'd say 95% of people would find great value in having this guide on hand.


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                  Has anyone tried it? How good is it?