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Putting new tasks into actio

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  • Putting new tasks into actio

    Please correct me. If I get a new task and put it directly into my action lists without processing (What's the outcome?) then I would end up having lots of to-dos that could be useless or time wasters? Is that right?

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    Processing asks both "What's the outcome?" and "What's the next action?" If you go straight from Collect to Organize you've got organized lists of unprocessed stuff. Which is why most people need GTD!!


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      Oh yeah, I knew it was not clever to put all boss' reqests into my action lists without processing. Next time I need to ask him what's the outcome then we need to think together if the company needs this outcome


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        One small thing. I was checking workflow processing scheme. I think there's a mistake. After 'is it actionable' question the arrow goes directly to 'what's's the next action' question. It goes to 'what's's the desired outcome' question only if it's a multistep project. I think following this scheme a newcomer like me could get a lot of USELESS next actions on his lists....


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          Skipping "Collect" (sort of...)

          When a new input comes in, I occasionally will write directly into my planner on the appropriate Next Action list. For example: "Gas station--buy gas". In doing so, I am (in a sense) leapfrogging the Inbox--> Process phase, but not really. Instead, I process the item as I receive it and park it where it goes.

          The practice started to eliminate double-writing; for example, if I find a new word ("petrichor"), I may write it directly on my Quotes and Vocabulary reference list, knowing there is no action associated with it.

          Because there are risks with doing this, I am careful to ask myself the right questions first.

          This practice CAN save time and keep inboxes empty more often, but it requires the discipline of pausing to properly Process when new information comes in.