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My current GTD workflow and Setup using THINGS

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  • My current GTD workflow and Setup using THINGS

    Howdy peeps:

    I thought I would go ahead and do a post about how I integrated Things into our workflow in order to optimize our day to day creation process@work.

    Here's how it currently flows:

    . At the beginning of each week I review my InBox and begin the delegation process
    . I Print to .PDF an overview of our week schedule and submit this to my PM's and Director and my Team.
    . I push out Teammate Tagged Tasks to the team (I have a TAG for each of us and sync over just our respective tasks via the iCal sync Tab)
    . We use Anxiety to review our tasks
    . If we need to comment or add notes, we do so in iCal via the ToDo Panel (or I update Notes in Things since I manage the db)
    . When a task is complete we check it off in Anxiety
    . I review our progress and update accordingly

    . macmini running 10.6.4 Server
    . CalDAV configured
    . Individual calDAV calendars for the Team
    . Our respective calendars are password protected and are loaded into our local iCal

    My ultimate wish is to have us all on Things doing the above process and bypassing the CalDAV and iCal setup altogether.

    Oh well, until then, it seems to be working quite well.

    If anyone has a similar setup or advice, I'd love to hear your experience.

    Many thanks,

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    I have since updated our Task server to test out OmniFocus, and put together a quick mindmap to illustrate the above setup.

    see image here:
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