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Weekly review in a timely manner

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  • Weekly review in a timely manner

    One of the aversions I have to weekly reviews is the amount of time it can take up! Isn't it only supposed to take an hour or two?

    This week it took me 3.5 hours to empty my inboxes (even that is incomplete), and I only glanced at my projects and action lists briefly before deciding that I need to move on to other things.

    What am I doing wrong? Is there just too much on my plate?

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    I'd say you're leaving too much processing time to the Weekly Review. Get In to Zero is part of the Weekly Review, but if you haven't kept up with it between reviews, you'll no doubt spend most of the time doing just that.


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      Agreed. Getting In to Zero should happen minimally once per day for most folks.


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        Originally posted by syrex314 View Post
        What am I doing wrong?
        How much time each day do you spend on processing?

        I initially thought it all had to wait till the weekly review and it was overwhelming. Then I realized that most people process during every day. NOw I find that I spend an hour or 2 a day processing my inboxes. Any less and I get swamped.


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          Thanks everyone for the replies. I'd say I spend far more time every day dumping into inboxes than processing. In fact, I usually save 90% of my processing for the weekly review.

          It's time to change that!