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  • GtD downunder

    OK I dont think for one minute I'm the only person in Australia who tries to use GtD methodology in his life.
    This board is great and I thank everyone who's ideas I have read and tried.

    Maybe if other Aussies gave me an "Oi Oi Oi" on here DA might get the hint that we'd like to see him visit our shores
    We could even throw a "shrimp on the barbie" for him !

    I mean he visits the poms !

    Just an

    Failing that I guess I'm saving up for a trip stateside........

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    Hi w_i_t_n_a

    A fellow citizen of the land of Oz. Been following GtD principles for about 2 years, and would love to see DA come down under.

    Lets get him down here.




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      I have been using GTD for about two years as well and have passed the books on to many of my clients and friends. Come on down David!


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        Yeah! This is a great idea! I think a lot of people in Australia would appreciate DA's wisdom and techniques, so seeing him down under would be a great idea.

        I've been using the GTD methodology for a few months and have seen a massive improvement in my productivity. I've also been passing the book around to people I know and getting a great reaction to it, Looking forward to reading his latest.


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          Places tongue in cheek......

          Ok, so guys since there are only 3 of us using GTD in Australia which phone booth would youlike to meet in?

          Yes I admit it it was a cheap way of getting the post back up near the top......


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            One more

            One more... in Melbourne.

            I haven't been reading the forum for a while so glad you brought this post back to the top of the list.


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              Sydney here - northern beaches to be exact!

              use the gtd methodology - since reading the book 15 months ago or so. also pass it on to clients - very passionate about the potential for all of this and would LOVE to see DA and crew down here.

              A friend of mine suggested we should write to a well known real estate personality about DA - for one of his conferences - however I'm sure the date of this conference conflicts unfortunately with the UK trip already on the schedule.

              Let's keep the list going - I'm sure there are more of us lurking!!!

              cheers Helen


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                Sydney East here too!

                GTD has revolutionised my work practices!! happy to host the BBQ! and the weather is better down under!

                Best wishes, Fiona


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                  A Canberran here...

                  No, not a public servant...I don't think many in the public service have read DA's books


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                    Another one

                    Hi everyone,

                    I'm anothewr one (Brisbane) seeing DA in Australia would be great - I'm sure there'd be planty of interest.



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                      Oi Oi Oi !!

                      Time to blow the cobwebs of this old post of mine......

                      Yes as you can see GTD is alive and well downunder !!
                      Lets get a shout out from some more GTD'ers in Australia
                      and New Zealand.

                      I know Jason W is a regular reader and poster so maybe the
                      'wurd' will get back that we'd really like to see DA - DO - ASAP !!


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                        Other side of the country (and up a bit)

                        I thought that I should represent the other side of Australia. I have been trying to 'Get Things Done' for a number of years.

                        Sunny Karratha offers great weather to Get Things Done. David (or Jason) may wish to mix business with pleasure and come up here for a fish? After all, isn't one of the main reasons why we strive to get things in order is to have more time to smell the roses?


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                          i am sydney based.
                          have spent best part of 10 years re-inventing the gtd wheel from scratch.
                          started getting the newletters a year or 2 back.
                          realised DA is onto something and for a person who never wants to follow rules or processes, am realising that this is a process worth following.
                          am making a conscious effort this year. it's paying off, slowly.


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                            Kiwi GTD

                            Hi all,

                            My implementation of GTD progresses in small steps but I think I am getting there. David Allen is definitely is onto something and it would be great to have him down in this part of the world.

                            Any other kiwi's out there doing GTD?


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                              Another Canberran!

                              Yes another Canberra here, and yet not a public servant. I am heavily promoting GTD to the public servants that I work with.

                              Imagine if parliment ran on the same GTD process...


                              Originally posted by gmgriffiths1974
                              A Canberran here...

                              No, not a public servant...I don't think many in the public service have read DA's books