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GTD Fast and GTD with work-life balance

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  • GTD Fast and GTD with work-life balance


    I have listened a lot to the series GTD Fast, which is 8 discs. I only just relised that there is a new(er) collection on the GTD with work-life balance, which is 7 discs. There are also a lot of other discs, such as the GTD System set, which seems to have about 6 discs. I have read both the main books as well (GTD and How to get things done). How much more value did people find going from the 8 disc GTD fast to the 7 disc set? Is it genuinely useful or not valuable enough?

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    GTD introduces the concepts and prescribes behaviors to create a mind like water.

    GTD Fast has editorializing that you don't have in the audiobook, and I found many golden goodies there.

    MIAW presents GTD as part of a greater whole, and understanding of which permits fine tuning and custom-tailoring of GTD to achieve mind like water/state of balance more often.

    My experience is that the essential concepts are in all of David Allen's works, with differing emphases... which may speak to an individual better at different times. David Allen must feel like the preacher whose congregation complained that they had heard all of this before... to which he said "and you will hear it again and again, until the same old sinners stop committing the same old sins."